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We are Deliveroo's design team. We're a group of designers, artworkers, researchers and project managers working together to bring you great food with great design. This is our little corner of the internet, where you can find everything we write, design, organise and do. Nice to meet you!

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  • Makes sure the food is looking its finest by co-ordinating all the roo shoots, from ATL to restaurant pics for the app. Bakes amazing biscotti. Terrifyingly Italian.
    Team elisa c23a964909fc1ae28cd4bdddea67c10633070aa84fafef78db610379145d0109
    Elisa Merlo
    Photography Editor
  • At work Sasha is kept busy wrangling the job board into a readable format and making sure we do what we’re told. Outside the office is hooked on Instagram, fondant fancies, music and dance gigs.
    Team sasha 4b8c464e2a077fd7ff1c83d5353076f3b5f4ab05980e60d886c34277e1422a8f
    Sasha Mason de Caires
    Project Manager
  • Phu heads up the design of the stuff that’s not the customer-facing stuff. Spends a lot of money on books. Tends to fall off snowboards and out of boats, and was punched by a boxer once - so we now try to keep him away from those things in our day-to-day line of work.
    Team phu 0b8a0bd9257a286a03c5c96647e8084decad0a24458bda46e25b255e1b9f4fdd
    Phu Ly
    Product Design Lead
  • Cool under pressure, Rav is, in her own words, ‘an organised mind in a lazy body’. A 90’s fan with a very specific stationery organisation system. Trying to be a healthy foodie, through a winning combination of chai seeds, coconut mix and fried chicken.
    Team rav 4103e0e45224287b482c0e8139901a901778dd62405d304417746918ad3137f9
    Rav Sokhi
  • Main hobby is watching people using apps and websites to order and deliver food. Small and squeaky, full of beans. Dog-lover, netballer and went to a better university than you, unless you went to Southampton, in which case went to the same university as you.
    Team sophie 8cff3284a05b46cdc38a37d9e0ef46eaab46300129493097550183ab1ceeeb9a
    Sophie Woods
    Junior User Researcher
  • The big design team boss. Aggressive table footballer, rapper ordinaire. When he's not eating Swiss cheese or setting up a bank account he's probably yodelling or something. Deliveroo's Official Backstreet Boys Fan Club, members 1 to 1 of 1.
    Team simon 1b3b256bf51d4fb75f8946d8e0e3ccefbbb0988c9d5cab98647d453b54887dcb
    Simon Rohrbach
    Head of Design
  • The master organiser, and manager of projects and people. Makes sure all our design work is done right and on time. Is a South African who knows more about the UK than you do. Strikes fear into the hearts of men. Loves making lists.
    Team saskia 3b61382f8c3fba0f13026bfb44f2b98d976727909474cf50d05629405c1887b8
    Saskia Liebenberg
    Senior Project Manager
  • Alex loves magazines so much that he wants to marry one. When not sniffing uncoated periodical paper, he likes playing with his cat and wearing plaid. Ask him to do his impressions.
    Team alex af26f04778b804770c9f03d3be32892003fdf999b28271db2a6216f6f0bf0f65
    Alex Vissaridis
    Graphic Designer
  • Actually more jolly than Santa, James can usually be heard chuckling somewhere. Other activities include designing the Android app and crashing Sketch on a daily basis. We think he likes football, he mentioned that once.
    Team james c6735b887b3d109adcfd37ee701fa9dd4bd0eef329801cbad14946a7ca9370de
    James Storer
    Product Designer
  • Designs lots of wireframes in Comic Sans, and we aren't sure he knows what to do after that. He knows Tamal from Bake Off, which is mainly why we like him. Face swaps with inanimate objects. Has magnificent hair. Seriously though. But he knows it.
    Team jonny de4c29e3c22dc85939ab499eaab7c7192a889d39d7bd4d912612af1e9c2a2209
    Jonny Burch
    Product Design Lead
  • Lives in a wonderful world of creative ideas and possibilities, helps the team push the boundaries of the brand. Would probably not notice if an earthquake hit the office.
    Team wojciech f21fa545b8a73c6311a37848c297ffefbcb372019bfefd7d88581d883323977f
    Wojciech Omiotek
    Senior Graphic Designer
  • Once taunted by a monkey on a mountaintop, our Brand Land artworker now lives with a parrot that gives a daily heartfelt rendition of ‘I Believe I Can Fly’.
    Team karlalouise f32fbd67b7ae8b6699d1ef128f3900a1ca0e0476a50fc4f29afb2b0261b4bf47
    Karla-Louise Davidson
    Junior Artworker
  • Brand team scapegoat and organisation nerd, makes sure the cogs keep turning and things stay looking good. Can be found blogging, podcasting and eating otherwise.
    Team katie 89fb85d7ba839caeb155df38fd50c3a9baef48f6cffc7b792795f7be2ad0817f
    Katie McLurg
    Graphic Designer
  • Spends a lot of time filming people using the app and website, then tells the product designers they aren't doing it right. Outside the office she busies herself organising design events and brushing her incredible hair.
    Team charlotte 21f731ccc5e96c6b996da16cd8fd34fc1b450e33d6e6e6a85bb6bffe447e32de
    Charlotte Clancy
    User Research Lead
  • Designs for the corporate product, works for the ICE team - handy given her dad is an ICE SCULPTOR. Likes a G&T, food, travel and everything about her homeland of Aus, but misses the if the British summer has anything to apologise for in that department.
    Team yeuko 9098fdad552908d774a4aa9d6a8fc95b2cc45c7be4761c9f3f20f00d961c6876
    Yeuko Ogawa
    Product Designer
  • The leader of the brand gang, keeping everything on track and moving forward with a large helping of Canadian enthusiasm. If left alone too long will cook up a mad plan and inevitably rope Katie into it.
    Team courtney 8c4ae0fe350f1c2fb13c0ecf1981eda609bb201a238595a9c86e10c2f3f18bca
    Courtney McNeil
    Brand Design Lead
  • Supporting Elisa and stealing highlighters over at the photo desk is our other resident Italian. Fresh out of a swanky Italian film school she is one of those people who prefers savoury to sweet, but then so might you if you grew up in Italy...
    Team carlotta 3c28fbb4b4c427f7709c4c93d80f8d25ea24ca755a364b331fb324649eb63d51
    Carlotta Ravelli
    Photo Intern
  • When not eating gelato, talking about lunch plans or organising office space wars, Rob's probably pointing out that your icon's a pixel off to the left and your text styles are all over the place.
    Team rob 9693f793ebb3ac7575bc928172f7eaabf4a86ed9115c2c8386964af6c9f0a31e
    Rob Hunt
    Product Designer
  • Illustrates like a boss. Is our champion brand guardian with a mean eye for composition. Prefers cats to people, will exchange friendship for chocolate.
    Team jacqui b4d9da86566f94f37231053d4a360a1a8e34308fdc3d0a238db7de4669ddf17a
    Jacqui Lee
    Graphic Designer
  • Spends hours slotting jobs into giant Gantt charts that nobody understands. But we would be lost without them. Fitness blogging, horse riding and white water rafting on the side.
    Team vicky 63b3d3dd96d89c01dfe94de3ee3b8eb24426c0821b7770cb15b976ac2429d619
    Vicky Henderson
    Project Manager
  • With a name that autocorrect just won’t play nicely with, Villain makes sure our restaurant products are A+. He likes cats, surfing, climbing and beer… although presumably not all at the same time.
    Team cillian 4eb48bd372c72c9e432c3a167ccbd48e0868b191f388d9be904d4dc7e8b34362
    Cillian Hunter
    Senior Product Designer
  • Thanks to autocorrect, the now-permanently retitled Fragrant Saffron, he brings a sense of calm precision to the product design team. In his spare time, he's perfecting his ability to stare wistfully into the middle distance while having his photo taken.
    Team saffad a68a29c9ce1d74471c56f9629fc64a6fc793472444898d8a99bdb7fa943ce522
    Saffad Khan
    Product Designer
  • Pixels aside, Tim likes playing with code, brewing beer, and snapping a photo or two. He’s also tried cutting it (INTENTIONAL PUN) in the leather crafting world. A quick check of Slack reveals that Tim’s now the sixth Tim in the office, following Tim, Tim, Tim, Tim and Tim.
    Team tim 7a5ad74db1341a72050a25319c2fce379aaff9ad7ef2a2aeb3a03631bc14d48c
    Tim Davey
    Senior Product Designer

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